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An ever-in-the-process timeline of Arts Collaboratory Network

Arts Collboratory Network timeline
2006 Lugar a Dudas got the first grant from Hivos. It was to support the sala de estar which is the documentation center and its activities. These funds also gave the opportunity to have the first person attending the visitors of the c doc and having a salary.
Paul Van Passchen, Gertrude and Will Jensen seek together to develop AC in order to : give impulse to movement, visual arts initiatives in africa asia and latin america. Build horizontal open platform for south by south exchange knowledge sharing and capacity building, inspired by Rain and Triangle.
2007 Hivos, Doen and Mondriaan invited some art run organizations from different countries of the world to launch Arts Collaboratory as a platform. This platform supports funds for the organizations. The aim of this platform was knowledge sharing within the organizations.
Birth of AC. first meeting in amsterdam with Lugar a Dudas, Ruangrupa, Therta, Kuona, Greatmore, Espira Espora, Arteast.
Mondriaan foundation joins Doen and Hivos to support exchange. The Netherlands broke open the dutch art scene.
Theme proposed: adding the plural to history.
2008 MAMA was born, north south bridge money to south. Casa choco-late, embedded pacific community.
Financial crisis